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Ambidextrous Middle Child Turned Story Nerd

Mark Smyth is a curiosity-driven strategist, problem solver and self-described 'story nerd'.  Leveraging over two decades of experience in the proverbial 'sales trenches', Mark empowers go-to-market teams to communicate with confidence, scale their influence and magnify their impact using the human-powered X-factor of stories well told.

It's a bird.  It's a plane!  It's...

Whether it was the heroic characters of DC Comics as a little kid, or the business gurus in the pages of Inc, Entrepreneur and Fast Company magazines as an adult, Mark has always been fascinated by the epic adventures of larger than life "super heroes".   Little did he know then as a wannabe "Man of Steel" the profound impact these captivating tales would one day have on his insatiable desire to help the heroes of business become the hero makers of their own epic success.

Superhero powers.

It was that desire that eventually led to the founding of Story Dynamix and the singular mission of helping GTM teams grow and scale their influence and their impact with confidence, clarity and conviction.   His superhero tool of choice?  The human-powered X-factor of storytelling!  After all, if a story could convince a not-so-camera shy ambidextrous middle kid that he could have the strength of Super Man and speed of the Flash, just imagine what it could do for an aspirational growth-minded business, right?

And away we go!

While the days of wearing skimpy superhero pj's are long gone (thank goodness!), the opportunity to coach some of the greatest GTM teams on the planet and help them turn strategic storytelling into their super-powered

X-factor has only just begun.

  Let's talk.  

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